One Time Dates with Korean Men

Well, after I moved out of the village to the large town (tiny city?) known as Sangju, I encountered a lot more Korean guys closer to my age because there’s a local university.  Anyway, a lot of these guys hang out with the foreigners or just ‘around’ us.  Their English levels have ranged from “Hi, my name is” to…I think we understand each others conversations (for the most part).  Because I don’t live in Seoul or a major city, none of them can be considered fluent.  This all said, I eventually got asked out on a few dates…of sorts.  Actually, I don’t know what to call these invites/dates exactly…hm…but anyway…here are some guys that didn’t make it past the first date (or even to the actual date).

Date Invitation 1

When I got my new cell phone back around February, the cell phone guy was trying to hit on me.  He was one year older than me, not horrible looking–but bad teeth and bad English.  Anyway, he asked if he could call me, so I told him sure.  So…for the next three days he called me everyday and multiple times a day.  Unfortunately, his English was so bad that our conversations were limited and we could understand only about half of each other’s conversations.  He wanted me to go back to Daegu to go on a date with him…and I intended on meeting up with him at least one time (even set a date)…but it never happened because I never went.

Date 1

This guy is the youngest looking 20-something year old I’ve seen.  On top of that, when I first met him, I thought his English was AWFUL.  He didn’t really speak and he didn’t look like he really understood what was being said.  I kind of dismissed him in my mind but gave him my Kakaotalk ID anyway.  I think a few days later he texted me and…come to find out…his writing and reading ability weren’t as bad as I thought (he was just shy).  It was nowhere near perfect, but he could hold a basic messaging conversation.  So later on in the week after meeting him, we decided to meet up for chicken and beer.  I was definitely nervous about going…because of his English.. AND because I wasn’t particularly attracted to him.  The night went by okay, the food was pretty good, and he was definitely nice and paid the bill.  After that, we went to my apartment and watched a comedy (Dude Where’s my Car) with Korean subtitles.  It was a very G-Rated night, but I was glad he was sweet.  I think a few more phone messages happened until the conversations fizzled out.

Date 2

This guy was…odd.   I had met him one time at a party with a bunch of other people, but didn’t really talk to him much (basically enough time to exchange phone numbers).  Anyway, I had noticed him in my address book and Kakaotalk friends, so out of curiosity I decided to send him a message.  His English is pretty good (he goes to some sort of English club to practice English) and he was about five years older than me.  He seemed pretty open to meeting up sometime, so we decided on a day and place…but we didn’t have any activity planned.  It turned out to be pretty damn boring.  He came over, watched tv,  and left.  So while it wasn’t the worst night ever, it was far from interesting.

Date Invitation 2

I met this guy on a bus to visit my friend in a nearby town.  He was somewhere between five and ten years older than me.  He seemed really nice, and I told him that the next time I’m in that city with my friends he could join us.  We exchanged numbers and I really didn’t intend on talking to him because I don’t visit my friend often.  Well, a week or two after that, he called to tell me that him and his friends were going to be in my home  city and that I should join them.  I was going to, but from what I had gathered, he seemed to want to buy a bunch of alcohol and have a party of some sort at my apartment.  Well, I wasn’t comfortable with that idea…but decided to tell him that I was sick.  (Actually I was exhausted that day and did sleep the night away anyway).  He seemed understanding, but I think either he was disappointed or he thought that my decline meant I never wanted to see him.  *shrug*

To Sum Up

I chose the top two of the most memorable ‘dates’ and the top two of the invitations (because I like to be balanced like that) that came my way while I lived in Sangju.  I’ve exchanged numbers countless times at clubs in Daegu and Seoul…a few have contacted me sporadically since then; most have not.  The fact that I don’t live in either of those cities and the fact that most of the time their English can barely be considered beginner-level isn’t exactly a plus…but it does make it safe for me to just give them my number and never have to worry about talking to them again if I didn’t really like them.  Having Kakaotalk has been a great way to stay connected after the initial meeting.  The more interested ones will contact a lot; the ones that were just looking for an easy-girl don’t contact after the first time meeting.  It seems if I really wanted a date, I would just have to take a little more initiative.  But again, they might be looking at the potential to get someone easy rather than going on a serious date.


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