Formspring Question: r u gna want 2 settle down n have kids?!?!

Hm….I’ve thought about this a lot. Actually, the more I’ve been in Korea, the more I’ve thought about it. The idea of settling down is definitely more and more something I want to do. I thoroughly enjoy travelling, and I do not ever want to stop. The question remains as to where (and when) I will settle down, but it will happen in the next 3 years I think. The idea of kids still scares the hell out of me–not gonna lie. I still maintain that at the moment, I’m not ready for kids…not even remotely. That being said, I have always gone through moods of wanting kids/not wanting kids. If I do have kids, I want 2. If I don’t have kids, I think I’m okay with that as well. To sum up, I will want to settle down and *possibly* have kids. ^^


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