Cirque de Soleil: Varekai

I always thought that Cirque de Soleil was just known by everyone.  However, when my friend asked me if I was interested in going…he seemed to think I had no idea what he was talking about.  So he was surprised when I gave him an overly enthusiastic Hell YES.  He organized it so that a group of people would be going: mostly his friends.  He asked me how many tickets I wanted…I told him 2.  why not right?!  I told him I didn’t have anyone in mind but I’m sure I would find someone. Hahaha.  I eventually did…it took me until basically the week thereof to find someone, but I took the first friend I made in my High School’s village.


My friend and I the 2nd day we met

So I took my friend with me on the condition that he buys me dinner and a souvenir or something—after all each ticket was like $80 (90,000 KRW).  He was cool with that, and we decided to meet up in Seoul a couple hours before the circus.  I got there first and went shoe shopping…I bought some light blue converse high tops because they went with my dress—but it meant lugging around my Doc Marten boots all day.  Then my friend and I ate at Taco Bell—AMAZING!  We found a foreigner market where I paid out the @$$ for a large bag of Mahatma rice, Creole seasoning, Season-all, I think another seasoning, and a box of 20 Fiber One bars…yes all that for a grand total of 50,000won ($45).  Whatever, I think it was worth it seeing as how my “friends” fail at sending me stuff.  Hahahaha.  j/k.  But anyways…on to the circus!


Taco Bell Menu

So I met my friend with the tickets outside of the circus and then headed to the tents and sat down—not much time to spare.  I tried to snag pictures, but was quickly stopped after my first one and told that photography wasn’t allowed.  I was captivated with the entire show.  The costumes were slightly ridiculous but the music was amazing—most of it was live singing and instruments.  The acrobat’s strength and flexibility filled me with envy.  I really wish I could move like that!  There were even three young boys who could do flips and splits.  This one woman’s show (10?20?30? minutes) primarily involved her balancing her body with her hands on a small pole and she contorted her back and legs in ways that would take a lot of flexibility and core strength.  There were a great many aerial shows with people swinging from ropes (holding on with just their hands…no harness) or suspended from bars and one that did the show with the mesh net…they all looked fearless and what they did looked so fun.  There were also comedic acts with a ‘magician’ and his overweight female assistant who was intended to more less “steal the show;” they got an older Korean man involved on the stage—and he looked VERY uncomfortable.  LOL.  Anyway, you can check out their website here to get a taste of the show.

CD cover

During intermission, my friend bought me the audio CD for the show (which was slightly disappointing because it didn’t capture the best songs in my opinion).  We also left about 10-15 minutes early because we decided we didn’t want to spend the night in Seoul.  So he paid for a cab, he bought my bus ticket and we caught the last bus back to our home cities at 11pm.  When I got back Sangju, I ended up joining my friends at a bar, mingling with random groups of Koreans who spoke limited English, and staying out until 7am.  Hahahaha.  Great weekend. ^.^


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