Changes Ahead

Sorry for the interruption on the adventure of my weekend getaway to Japan. Unfortunately, describing things that I do gets tedious and apparently it easily bores me. Not sure why this surprises me…it really shouldn’t; I’m about two months behind in writing about what’s been going on in my life. But anyway, the blogs where I just ramble off the top of my head are much easier to write, but probably less interesting. IDK

End of My Contract

So my contract with EPIK ends in two months (August 25th). After a lot of contemplation, I’ve decided to stay another year. However, I will not stay at the same school. The fact that my village had no empty apartments and I had to move to another city has really taken its toll on me. The long freezing bus rides and 20-30 minute walks everyday outside in the snow were not fun. Being gone from my home for 12 hours a day—also depressing. So I asked to be place in the city where my apartment is currently located, but there are no openings. Therefore, I got placed my second choice city which is about 40 minutes away from the city I live and about an hour and 30 minutes from where I work. The city is bigger than the other places, but not big enough to have a subway. I’ll be working at another high school. I don’t know anything else now except that my contract begins August 26th.

Graduate School

Again, I know. I seem to always talk about graduate school. I can’t help it; it’s on my mind. Actually, I stopped thinking about graduate school for almost 4 months and then I started thinking about it again. To get to my point…I’m contemplating about applying for the spring semester at Texas Tech. They have a distance-learning Master of Arts program in Technical Communications that really interests me. The deadline is September 1st. I’m not sure if that’s enough time for me to contact my references and get them to write a letter for me. So I might end up waiting until next fall semester.  If I wait, I’ll have more time to prepare (I also have to submit a writing sample–so gotta brush up one of my college essays), my references will have more time to prepare, and I’ll also have a better idea of what kind of work load I’ll have at my new school. …decisions, decisions…

Texas Tech…my future?



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