Fukuoka, Japan: Part 2

Search for the Hostel

My friend and I were on our own to attempt to navigate the city and figure out where my hostel was located.  Fortunately, there are maps conveniently located throughout the city that indicate where you and other landmarks and most of them have English on them too.  After few wrong turns, a walk through a red-light district, and some bad directions from some Japanese store owners, we finally found the hostel…actually, once we found it, we realized it was easy to get to and in a surprisingly convenient location to the bus station and subway.


Not sure what they were selling…

More Walking FTW (for the win for my non-computer-nerds out there)

We left the hostel and headed in the direction for a tower that the map indicated was fairly close.  We actually made it there without any glitches and it was about a 30-45 minute walk.  The view wasn’t spectacular, but admission was free and the guy at desk gave us some oragami swans he made.  After that, we decided we wanted to go see the ruins of a castle (or something famous like that ^^), so we headed out in that direction.  One of the maps we had on hand indicated that it wouldn’t be too far of a walk (at most an hour from the hostel).  With that in mind, we headed out and walked…and walked…and after an hour and a half we decided that the map was DEFINITELY NOT drawn to scale because we had barely covered 1/2 of the distance and it was getting late.  So we turned back around to search for some dinner and possibly do some shopping.

Hakata Port Tower

Hakata Port Tower

Fukuoka, Japan 099

Anticlimactic view from the small tower

Fukuoka, Japan 100

awesome swans given to us for free

Our last few hours together…

We ended up stopping at an electronics store…so glad we have similar shopping interests.  She looked for memory cards for her camera, I bought an iPod charger since I had forgotten mine (idk how), and I also bought a lanyard for my camera case (well I thought it was for my wrist—but all good).  We then headed to this massive and expensive mall.  She helped me schedule a hair appointment for Monday…they looked very frightened when she told them she wouldn’t be there to translate for me.  LOL.  She bought some stationary things in the mall, then we ate at McDonalds and bought some donuts from Mister Donuts (me for dessert, her for her bus ride).  We rested our feet at Mister Donuts for about an hour until it was time for to go to her bus (9pm).

Fukuoka Station

Fukuoka Station

My Hostel

So I head back to my hostel, Aloha Spirit Guesthouse, after she left, and sat down in the kitchen.  (My hostel was a converted 2-story home with two toilet rooms, a shower room, 5 bedrooms, a common room, and a kitchen with a help-yourself-to-anything fridge.)  I started chatting with some guys that were sitting at the table-4 joined in; they were various people from around the world currently working/living in Korea.  When they went out to drink, I went up to my room (I had claimed the top bunk), and met the other girls that would be sleeping there (the girl under me was from TX), and the other two in the other bunk bed I don’t remember.  I set my alarm to get up at 8am and passed out around 1 or 2 am.

Aloha Spirit Guesthouse

room view from my bunk

More pics on my flickr page. ^^


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