Annoying Concerns over my Health

Okay, flashback to winter break in January and February: I was really unhappy because I was frickin’ cold.  I’d come to school bundled up, I think I had the flu for a week,  I battled a cold most of the time, and I looked as sick as I felt.  My head co-teacher (the one who acts like a Korean mother to me) was on vacation during this time and didn’t see me at my worst.  After my trip to the Philippines in February, I was feeling much better.  I was bringing snacks and my own lunch to school and I managed to get my weight back down to a more reasonable number (from 58kg/128lbs back to 55.5kg/122lbs).

Then school started in March.  On one hand I felt better because the weather was warming up.  On the other hand, I was back to school lunches.  For the sake of my weight, I started eating less of what was served to me.  (Keep in mind that school lunches range from 810-850 calories).  So I cut back on the rice, nibbled on some of the items in the soups, and tried to eat more of the vegetable side dishes.  During this time, my head co-teacher returned and she started making comments to me regarding my health:  “Oh you eat too little”, “you’re skin color doesn’t look good.  You look too pale,”  “You look unhealthy,”  “you look sick,” “all the teachers are worried about your lunch/health,” etc.  These comments have been sprinkled weekly throughout this spring semester.  I attempted to reassure her that I’m fine—and in fact I felt much better physically than I did in say January.


half of the rice and no kimchi…sure it looks healthy…but 800 calories!?

In April, I was told that I would have to get a medical general health exam for my contract renewal.  Although I wasn’t really aware that I’d have to have another exam, it wasn’t a surprise either.  So, my head co-teacher told me to stay home April 27th when the students were taking midterms.  She met me in the city I live and took me to the hospital so I could get a general exam.  It was all pretty painless—a chest x-ray, vision test, blood pressure taken, temperature taken, a urine sample, and a blood sample.  Basically the same crap I went through back in August.

About 2 weeks ago, I got the results from my health check.  My weight was back up to 57kg/127.5lbs (or 58.5/129lbs last week).  I showed my head co-teacher the mail with my results.  (It’s all in Korean.)  So she goes through it, and there’s a hint of surprise in her voice to find out that I’m healthy.  However, my blood pressure is too low (99/56) and the paper says that I must exercise everyday.  (It was the only box that I could tell wasn’t great—instead of the happy green box, I had an ugly yellow box—but no red boxes ^^.)  Anyway, so after her concern over my blood pressure and exercise, she hands me back the paper.  And I’m like…wtf?!  If this is really for my contract renewal…then this paper should be mailed or taken to the board of education (not given back to me).  As a result, I’m lead to believe that she had me take the medical exam purely so she could see if I was healthy.  Sneaky b*****….ooo it makes me angry!  >.<

So I decided to look up hypotension, low blood pressure, and it is recommended that I exercise daily and change my diet—eat more often with smaller, low-carb meals and snacks throughout the day.  For my own sake, I’ve cut out calories as well (currently I’m 57kg/125.5lbs and working my way down).  I was happy to tell my head co-teacher/rub it in her face that I have to stop eating rice and eat smaller meals.  A genuine look of horror came across her face and the exclamation, “But you eat too little now!”  And I could retort “well, it’s for my health to eat more often but smaller.”  MWAHAHAHAHA…not sure why this brings me so much satisfaction but I just can’t stand the comments any more…and that’s what she gets for making me a do a stupid health check just so she could secretly check up on me.



  1. To be fair, you’re supposed to get a second health check. Whether or not it ever gets sent or just filed away, who knows. They definitely don’t need to see it. My coteacher never even looked at mine, made a copy and put in with the rest of the documents. He didn’t care as long as everything checked out.

    By the way: Are you okay?

    1. Yeah she analyzed everything on it…then literally handed it back to me…with no directions as to what to do with it. I made a copy of it just in case. and of course I’m okay! >.< lol

  2. Brandon · · Reply

    Haha, so funny. I should get a check up too.

  3. I never got a second test. Well, I did, but that was on arrival for other reasons. An entire line of people in one group got failed tests due to a screwup.

    Failed the anaemia test, as did every vego, half-arsed vego and even the odd reasonable meat-eater. I think Korea sets it’s norms a bit different to the west, so don’t worry unless you’re willing to compare the test to normal back home.

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