Ziplining–For the WIN

Two of my Korean friends work part time at a Zip-line in Mungyeong.  My best buddy here (Canadian) was making plans to go to their job and have some fun, and I got invited to come with while we were drinking at a bar on a Wednesday night.  So I’m like, sure—I’ve always wanted to zipline, and so we get a day and time set up within a week…for a Saturday.

The only thing I’m told is that we’ll be a part of a group with some other foreigners, and to just go to the bus terminal and we’ll get picked up.  I’m like: cool.  I mean, a lot of times it seems to be a Korean assumption that just because people are foreigners that we all know each other and are friends.  Well, at least my Korean friends knew this wouldn’t be the case, so they wanted to give us the heads up.  My friend are like, sure, whatever; we were mainly going because our Korean friends are really freaking cool.

So anyway, we’re at the Jomcheon bus terminal and the van pulls up and my friend and I hop in.  So we gotta do the introductions, and I turn around and I’m like—no way!  My friend from orientation is in the back of the van!  So that made it really easy for us to introduce everyone and then I was a nice little chatter box—not sure why I do that.  But lol…yeah, I rambled.  We got to the zipline thing and it turns out that we’ll all be in the same group.

foreign group

Having fun ^^

Ziplining was a blast.  A few times my Korean friend told me the directions and asked me to tell everyone for him (since his English is pretty broken), and they had us play games and do ridiculous poses.  It was AWESOME.  For about $45, there were 9 courses of various lengths, speeds, and heights and altogether took about 1.5 hours.  I took a few pics and it was totally worth it; I’d LOVE to go again.


One (of the 2) awesome tour guides

~On a side note, my other Korean friend (the one with better English) has since then asked me for advice on what to say to the foreigners so he can help make his tours smoother.


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  1. Lucky! I want to go ziplining SO badly.

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