Did someone say….penis?

A little over two months ago, I was chatting on Skype with a friend from orientation.  I hadn’t seen him since orientation and we both decided it was high time we planned a weekend to hang out.  I was talking about how I wanted to go travel all around Korea, and he mentioned how he has always wanted to go visit a park but hadn’t had anyone to go with.  He sent me the link for the park, and I was like—hell yeah!  A penis park!?  I gotta see what this is about.   (Read here for the background story)

So, we planned our vacation two weeks out.  Figuring out where the park was located was easy enough; my Lonely Planet Guide of Korea finally came in handy.  The guide revealed that from the town of Samcheok (삼척), we could take a bus to the park (Haesindang).  After we figured out the town we needed to get to, we had to figure out how to get to that town.  Fortunately, my friend lives in a large city (Daejeon-대전)) and there happens to be a direct bus to the city.  All I had to do was grab a bus to Daejeon Friday night so we could take the first bus out Saturday.

That Friday night was a late night (midnight/1am) of Pizza Hut and walking.  Despite having to drag ourselves to the bus terminal at 6am, taking the first bus ended up being worth it.  What Korean bus terminals never post, is exactly how long the bus ride will be.  That said…6 hours later we arrived in Samcheok.  It was further north than our home cities and there was a LOT of snow on the ground.  We took pictures of the schedule for return buses to Daejeon, located the bus to the park, and sat down for the hour long ride.

The Park

We were both giddy about getting to this park.  So giddy in fact, that we got off the bus a stop too early and had to walk 10 minutes up the cold WINDY mountain.  Then, we finally saw it; our destination!  We practically ran to the entrance, cameras in hand, getting ourselves ready to make all sorts of ridiculous poses.

We were like crack addicts in a room where cocaine had spilled all over the floor.  We moved from one collection to another, sucking all the joy we could at each.  We snapped hundreds of pictures of each other with different poses at several (but not all) of the totems and statues and benches available:


one of the many poses in front of a few of the totems

Benches with an erect penis on them?…got the pictures of us taking our turns sitting on the ground straddling it. —Pointing and laughing at the random totems?…Yes, some totems were just absolutely ridiculous.—Sitting on a stool where the seat is the penis head?…You bet!—Sitting on top of/straddling a penis shaped like a canon?…that was all him, but I snapped a few pics for him.—My most epic and candid picture? There were some older Korean men groping on the (exaggerated) cocks of the life-like statues of fishermen.  I totally snagged a picture.


Because it took so long for us to get through (an hour or two and over 200 photos combined), I decided we needed to hurry back to make sure we could catch a bus to Daejeon.  So, walking out, I realized just how small the park was (it took only 20 minutes to walk out of).  Then, we stomped through the snow (it was up to my knees) to get to the bus stop to try to determine when the bus would pass by.  We thought we wouldn’t have to wait long, but we ended up having to wait almost 45 minutes outside.  Those 45 minutes were painful.  The sun was starting to go down and the blasts coming down from the top of the mountain were FRIGID, strong, and lasted for more than a few seconds at a time.  Needless to say, the bus driver looked highly amused at us when we frantically waved him down to get on the bus.

All in all, it was a great trip.  14 hours total bus rides in one day (INSANE), with tons of flickr pictures, and time with one of my best buddies here after 6 months of not seeing each other.



  1. Hey Dear that was some park and I give you credit for going. Interesting to say the least, would I have gone don’t think so, but life is filled with good and unusual experiences. Glad you had the chance to experience some. Love you

  2. sumofmanycrossroads · · Reply

    Hi Jaclyna~ love this entry, had me smiling. Keep the pictures coming. I’ve been journaling on and off since I was ten years old and reading your blog inspired me to try and blog myself. I have many questions for you….I’ll contact you soon. Big hug and kiss. Cuidate.

  3. You wrote: “We moved from one collection to another, sucking all the joy we could at each.”

    About… THIS park… Hmm.


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