The Mishaps and Adventures of My Vacation in the Philippines

I really didn’t want to write this blog, and I still don’t.  Unfortunately, it’s keeping me from writing other blogs.  So, I need to just go ahead and get on with it.  Another different style: my itinerary.

Day One (Seoul and Manila)

  1. Seoul airport—snow on the ground—flight delayed due to ice on the wings
  2. ran through China airport (literally) to catch the next flight
  3. Arrive in the Philippines—got a room in a backpacker lodge/hostel—met up with some locals and an Australian and went to eat/drink and see a drag show

Day Two (Manila to Tacloban)

  1. Flight to another island
  2. Jeepney ride to a hotel
  3. Out to another mall for some food and gifts
  4. Dinner, drinks, and a club with a local


Day 3 (Tacloban to Southern Leyte)

  1. Jeepney ride and boat ride to another island
  2. van ride to a house where I’d be staying.
  3. Played pool that night with host family and local friends of the family
Car Ride

Swollen river

Day Four (South Leyte)

  1. Met students and the local high school
  2. Videoke (karaoke) on a rice patty at someone’s house
  3. Ate a fertilized egg (balut) with local friends


Day Five (Southern Leyte)

  1. suffering from allergic reaction and ant bites: feet swollen with bites and my one eyelid was swollen when I woke up
  2. went to a local clinic for some anti-inflammatory and allergy medicine
  3. Watched a speech by a current Peace Corps volunteer
  4. visited High school again; ate a delicious lunch
  5. pouring rain; stayed in

[I’ll spare you the picture of my feet]

Day 6 (travelling)

  1. Ride from host family to the next island
  2. lunch at a resort
  3. hotel room—I passed out early because the meds made me sleepy

Day 7 (Bohol)

  1. Woke up at 4am to get in a van to travel to another island
  2. Trike ride to the mall (Tagbilaran)
  3. Bus ride to Nuts Huts (Bohol)
  4. played Uno with fellow backpackers from Australia, America, and Chile

My hut was the right half

Day 8 (Bohol)

  1. Caught a bus, but it was full so rode on roof
  2. Hit in the face by a low-hanging banana tree leaf and I lost my glasses
  3. Chocolate Hills
  4. Uno again with fellow backpackers, but I called an early night.
Chocolate Hills

Chocolate hills: rainy season so they’re green and not brown

Day 9 (Bohol)

  1. early morning hike to a cave
  2. motorcycle ride with two other European foreigners to see tarsiers
  3. went with same foreigners to see a cock fight (for about an hour)
  4. returned to Nuts Huts (again I crashed early; no glasses=very tired eyes)


Day 10 (Bohol to Punglau)

  1. Motorcycle ride to Punglau: driver got pulled over for missing light and got his license confiscated
  2. dropped off at the mall in Tagbiliran and picked up more snacks
  3. Jeepney ride to Punglau (beach)
  4. met up with the Uno players from Nuts Huts
  5. more drinks


Day 11 (Punglau)

  1. it was raining
  2. lounged on the beach
  3. people also teaching in Korea (friends) joined up at the beach
  4. Dinner and drinks on the beach


Day 12 (Tagbiliran to Cebu)

  1. Trike ride back to mall in Tagbiliran.
  2. Ate pizza at mall
  3. boat ride to Cebu
  4. I threw up soon after landing—on my clothes and street: food poisoning
  5. got a hotel in Cebu

Trikes (I’m riding in one)

Day 13 (Cebu to Manila)

  1. weak but no longer nauseous
  2. airplane ride back to Manila
  3. taxi ride to check in the same hostel as before
  4. went shopping at the mall: lots of polo shirts

Day 14 (Manila to Seoul)

  1. taxi ride to the airport
  2. long layover in China
  3. arrived in Seoul and rode the subway
  4. got a hotel in Seoul: very expensive


I was not happy returning to 0C (32F) weather after being in about 28C (80F) weather.

Sorry it’s just meh…I put a lot more effort into writing about what happened in order to get this vacation.



  1. I sincerely hope it was a good experience.

  2. Good day everybody… Good post…

  3. So, you had a good time ;-).

    1. I had a great time!…if the mishaps hadn’t happened it would have been much better though.

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