January Journeys

As mentioned previously, most of the month of January was cold—maybe five days total were above freezing.  However, I did have a little fun and a little work during January.  This blog is more of a “I-feel-guilty-and-need-to-write-something” summary.  ^.^

Winter Camp

I’m not 100% sure I understand the Korean education system and I feel awkward asking my co-teachers about what’s going on.  As far as I can tell, all the traditional classes and school year ended Christmas Eve.  Then, during the month of January, students return to school (though it’s not mandatory) to take extra classes but on the same level they were in the previous year.  Graduation, it seems, is not until February.  So, I was told that I would teach an elective winter camp to teach English songs and games, English language through videos, American pop songs, and American culture.  I was given a list of about 13 students that would attend my class, and my class would be 3 hours a day for 2 weeks…30 hours total.  (I was also told that I would later teach 30 hours to random teachers that sign up for the month of February.)

Well the first day of classes, 6 girls showed up, so I went through my lesson and it was all fine and dandy.  The next day, 5 of the 6 girls showed up and 1 boy; so still 6 students and they all seemed to have a good time.  The next day, the one boy brought his friend (so 2 boys) and only 3 girls…my class was quickly dwindling.  The fourth day and fifth day, it was just the two boys and two girls.  The following week, one of my girls stopped coming so I was down to three.  When I told them that I would be doing a lesson on dance, only the girl showed up.  HAHA.  It was actually a cool lesson—a little bit of line dancing, but a lot of watching clips from So You Think You Can Dance and talking about dance styles.  On Thursday, the boys showed back up and Friday was a pizza party with all three of them.  Overall, I think they had a good time…I tried to not make anything too difficult (because it’s like an elective and most of students here really really don’t like English—and aren’t good at it).

In writing this, I kind of miss seeing them. After my two weeks of teaching, I have just been at work and sitting at my desk on my laptop for 9 hours a day.  Students are still coming to school, although not the entire student body.  Everyone will return and the new students will begin on March 2nd.


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