Monday Oct. 4

So a couple of weeks ago I had promised some boys I was going to play soccer with them (the Friday before Chuseok).  However, I didn’t make it to the field on the proposed date.  Soo…Monday the 4th, I decided I was going to go for a walk around the track.  I did this for two reasons:  1) I’m tired of being restricted by my ankle and I was fed up with it hurting and 2) the boys play soccer on the field everyday and I was hoping I’d get an invite.  So I walked to the track with the intention of doing a couple of laps and then going back to my room.

Being the easily distracted person that I am, when I got to the track I noticed the bars.  There are 2 sets of parallel bars (one set is a little taller than the other–I opted for the shorter of the two) and a couple of sets of bars in a row of varying heights.  I guess I’m still a child at heart because I started to play on them with like no inhibitions.  i.e.  hang upside down, do some pull ups, and some dips (on the parallel bars).  I landed pretty hard when I jumped down from the parallel bars…which very much upset my still tender ankle.

Well, that put a  damper on my mood in regards to the bars.  So I went back to debating about walking around the track–as in I walked up to the track and stood watching the boys playing soccer.  As I was silently debating, the boys invited me to join their game!  I was thinking to myself, “yay! awesome!  I finally have an invite!”  I was also thinking, “man my ankle hurts–this will be interesting.”   I said, “okay” and hoped for the best.

Once I got on the field, the boys talked to each other and I was pointed onto which side of the field I’d be playing.  I attempted to determine the boys on my ‘team’–there were 6 people per team, but I didn’t know more than 3 of the boys and 2 of the ones I was familiar with were on the other team.  lol.  At first they were going to make me goalie, but then they made me defense.  I guess they wanted to see my ball-handling capabilities–and they were limited.  But I dribbled the ball for short distances, and made some good passes.  I also did a quasi-okay job at defense and intercepting the ball.   At one point in time, I had just gone after the ball, when one of the boys on the opposing teams slammed into me.  I fell down–lol–but didn’t get hurt.  The boy was very apologetic and didn’t come near me again.  haha.   (He was one of the 3 boys I knew.)

Since that Monday, a couple of teachers have made references to me playing soccer.  And one teacher implied that the boys I played with spoke highly of my skills.  lol!  I hope they invite me to play again, especially now that my ankle is actually feeling good enough to run on and I might actually have some semblance of my soccer skills from over 9(!) years ago.


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