Andong Mask Festival & Shopping

Andong Mask Festival

On Saturday, I went to a pretty famous festival.  I went with my co–teacher/mom, her husband, her youngest son, and a teacher that had been in my town before that was taken under her wing as well last year.  He’s in Seoul now–he returned to Korea through a different program.  She invited him over for the weekend.  Although the festival is popular among foreigners, I really wasn’t too impressed with it.  It felt like a big tourist trap/carnival for little kids.  I don’t know. At one of the ‘fun booths’ we braided string. (like ZOMG). I took pictures, but I ended up leaving early.  Myself and the other American guest teacher were both hella bored.  I also left because my ankle was killing me…and I didn’t want to wait another 3 hours to see a dance.

Shopping in Korea

I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping here–for groceries and things for my room.  Groceries here are NOT cheap.  I guess they are comparable to prices in Texas, although a lot of the imported things I want are quite expensive.  I try not to buy too many imported goods–but I love Coca-Cola and Hershey’s chocolate and they are both readily available in my grocery stores.  I also splurged on some hiking shoes.  I also bought a bookshelf because I needed something to store my dishes/cooking supplies on.  Oh, on a side note…my hot plate thing sucks.  Maybe I’ll figure it out the next time I try it but it didn’t boil water which I need it to do.


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