Time sure is flying by quickly in Korea.  More then one month has come and gone.  I think what helped it fly by so fast was that I had a whole week (minus half of Friday) off for Chuseok  (추석 which is like a Korean Thanksgiving but way more important to their culture than Thanksgiving is in America.


As I stated earlier, I got almost a full week off of school.  I went to hang out with foreigners in Yecheon–3 from America and 2 from South Africa.  I spent the majority of the weekend with them.  We had a girls day on Sunday and did some shopping in Andong at E-Mart (like a multi-level Wal-Mart).

On Wednesday, I went to my head co-teacher’s house (my Korean mom).  It was awesome!  I got to see the bow ceremony to honor their ancestors and then I got to join in on the food.  Her husband’s 2 brothers were there and 1 of them was very interested in trying to talk to me and they kept pouring me Korean rice wine-makgeoli (막걸리).  The other wants me to visit his farm/ cucumber greenhouse in January/February.  I also got to join in on a traditional dice game with her youngest son and one of the brother’s sons.  It was fun!  It was a quick game because I kept getting lucky tosses.  My lucky streak ended though–much to the delight of the young boys.  haha.  (I have some pics on my flickr page.)

Sprained Ankle

Although this is just a minor inconvenience, I guess I’ll share my embarrassing incident.  After dinner with the Korean family, I was going to meet up with the American guy in my town (1 of the 2 other foreigners in my town).  On my way out of the dorm, I was pretty excited. So excited, that I practically ran down the steps outside. Due to the lack of light and my haste, I slipped down the stairs and twisted my ankle.  OW!  It really hurt, and it took a little while for the pain to subside.  Luckily, I could walk on it–well limp is probably the more appropriate term.  We went to a pharmacy so I could buy something to wrap my ankle and then I limped around town and did some shopping with him.  He’s a pretty nice guy but a little shy.


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