School and Public Transportation in Korea


So far I’m doing well with juggling my lesson preps (powerpoint presentations for half of a class) and full-on lessons with my after school kids (just one hour Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  Most of my coteachers have really good classroom management, but one teacher really struggles with a few of the classes.  It makes it even harder for me to try to give a presentation–needless to say.  I’m not worrying about it too much though…it just feels awkward after having good classroom management when I was a teacher and seeing other teachers have quieter classes.  I really love some of my students–they are just genuinely nice even if disinterested in school.  The language barrier though is palpable.  This school has students who have very low English skills so the only people fluent in English in my town are the coteachers.  I feel guilty for not studying more Korean but the words are just very difficult to learn.  I’ve learned a couple useful phrases though–like toilet room, how much is it?, teacher work room, and I’m hungry.  haha–the essentials.

Public Transportation

I think I should say: the awesomeness known as public transportation in Korea.  Granted, it’s a bit slow–but it’s available and it’s cheap!  So although many Koreans view it as a big inconvenience–I am loving it.  I’ve done a fairly good job of navigating the bus system to go to Andong, Daegu, Jibo, Yecheon, and Jeomchon.  The buses are on time and there is usually a bus every hour or every other hour to get to my destinations.  I’ve also taken a taxi here and there–it’s a little pricey but it’s definitely faster than the buses.  So it’s usually just how much time I have left to travel that determines which method I use.


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