Wow so it’s been a month

I guess a lot has happened in a month and I pretty much did not keep up with my blogging.  HAHA.


I made some friends at orientation which is kinda cool–I’ll see how long we keep in touch via Facebook and how many I’ll actually see  again in person.  The orientation itself was fairly boring–the classes anyway.  I’m glad I’m no longer sitting in a classroom listening to boring lectures.  I liked that it made for easy days though.  Nights of orientation were fun–then you could really get to hang out with people.  I ate a variety of food, went through a medical exam, and then got the hell out.


I am in a county known as Uiseong but I’m in a smaller town within it…so it’s by no means a major city.  I guess it’s ‘kinda big’…but not big enough that taxis are needed.  In fact, I have yet to see a taxi and I highly doubt that I will in my town.  I’ve walked around my town (well the 2 major roads) in about 45 min.  I know there’s a little further I could walk, but it’s all housing from what I can tell.  I guess I’ll investigate more later.

My Teaching Situation

I am co-teaching High School English at only 1 high school.  I have 4 co-teachers: the head coteacher (who is roughly the same age as my parents and treats me like a daughter outside of school), a man, a woman, and 1 woman who is 1 year younger than me.  There are 3 grades in high school (1, 2, 3) and each grade has two different types of English classes (English and either English Conversation or Reading & Writing).  Therefore, I have 6 books to prepare lessons for and each teacher is on a different page/teaches a different way so it’s a lot of different lessons.  I teach 18 classes a week to students.  Within the school day I also teach 2 classes to other teachers for conversational English (one class is 2 people–an older man and a younger woman– and the other classes is 3 people–3 young women).  In addition to the day classes, I’m also teaching after school 3 days a week for an hour a day–extra money.  Today not many students showed up so I’m curious to see if they’re going to keep the program or how they’re going to punish the kids.

My Living Situation

In some ways I’m lucky and in some ways I’m not lucky about where I live.  I live in a dorm on campus…so I’m obviously very close to work.  It’s bug free and they school gave me all that I think I need–a fridge, a desk, a chair, a microwave, a bed, some covers, and a hot plate for cooking.  So it’s quite comfortable but it’s definitely a dorm room and not an apartment which is somewhat unfortunate.  Also everyone knows where I’m living–not that they wouldn’t know anyway but still!


I’m learning the bus system here–boy am I glad they have such an awesome public transportation system here.  I’d be going crazy if they didn’t.   During orientation, there was a field trip day to a Buddhist temple and to a village.  Since I’ve been in Uiseong, I’ve gone to another Buddhist temple and Sangju (with my head co-teacher), Andong and Hahoe (with the young co-teacher), Daegu (with the other female foreignor in my town), and Yecheon (to meet with people from orientation).  All in all I’ve been keeping busy.  I’m enjoying the gorgeous scenery just outside of my town…which if I really wanted I could view it in about a 5 minute walk. lol.


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