Preparing to Leave for Korea

GRE (AKA the reason for the delay in my blog)

I’ve been studying vocab words and math practice for the past 5 weeks of summer.  However, I did some heavy-duty studying for the GRE this past week.  I literally read/studied an online condensed dictionary with potential GRE words for 4 days.  I think it paid off.  I did well on the verbal part.  I’m satisfied with how I did on the quantitative (math) section; just a little down that I ran out of time for the last two questions.  Oh well!  What’s done is done and I have high enough scores to get into the school I want to get into.  Well, I’m still waiting to find out how I did on the written on section; I should know in about two more weeks.

Contract and Visa

After the anxiety of waiting for a contract, I finally received it!  I mailed my passport, my contract, and some other documents to the Consulate of Korea.  I sent it overnight shipping, and they received it Friday.  They estimated two days for processing; I actually picked up my passport with Visa the following Monday.  VERY quick!  I’m so glad that headache and stress is out of the way.

Before I leave

I’m trying to make sure all my packing, last minute shopping, and picture-taking is out of the way.  There’s quite a bit of stuff I want to do and only 8 more days to do it!  Sheer craziness.  I’ve got it planned out and everything should be ready.  For instance, all of my belongings (not just what I’m taking) has to be packed up and put into some type of storage area (either a closet or the garage).  I’m trying to take as little as possible with me and donate things so that I don’t take up too much room with my stuff for storage.  I’ve been preparing for this all summer.  Now it’s just doing all the last minute stuff to make sure everything is boxed up or in my suitcase and I have everything I’ll need.

Leaving for Korea

As soon as I got home from the consulate Monday, I booked a flight for Korea.  My orientation isn’t until the 18th, but I’m leaving on the 9th. After a 14 hour no-stop flight,  I’m going to spend a few days with my friend who will be visiting Korea.  After she leaves, I’ll stay in a hotel near the airport.  (I already booked the hotel through  I’ve been debating on how I will spend the couple of days by myself.  I might be overly worried about leaving my belongings in the hotel room…but I don’t like to leave my belongings in a hotel room even in the United States!  I’m not sure if hotel rooms are more secure in Korea than the United States.  So I have a minor dilemma…do I go venture around to some shops…or do I hole up in my room and study Korean?  I think I’m being overly concerned about the hotel room.  I bought locks for my bags.  So maybe one of those days I’ll go shopping.


The day I check out of my hotel on the 18th, I’ll go over to the airport (again).  Transportation is free through my hotel.  🙂  Once I’m at the airport, I’ll find my recruiter/hiring company and get on a bus to my orientation.  Orientation will be at a university and my room will be in one of their dorms; I’ll be sharing a room with some other female also hired through EPIK.  I think the day after we get in, we get our medical exams–gotta test for drugs, alcohol abuse, and I’m not sure what else (TB?).  The next 8 days will be lessons on Korean culture, language, and teaching pedagogy.  The next to last day of training (around the 25th) I’ll find out exactly where I’ll be teaching and which grades.  Woot Woot!


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  1. David Moore · · Reply

    You are gonna have so much fun!! Eat some kimchi for me! 🙂

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