July, already?

If the title isn’t clear enough–I just want to say that I can’t believe it’s July.   Half of the summer is gone–wow.   Quite a few lows and few highs these past 2 weeks.

Computer Trouble

I was getting really annoyed with my computer because everytime I searched for something and clicked a link, I got redirected.  VERY frustrating.  I was complaining to some of the people that I play online with and they told me I had Malware (or a virus) and that I needed to get rid of it.  I downloaded two cleaning programs, which found some malware and took care of them, but didn’t stop the problem.  So then I grabbed my extra external harddrive to restore my computer from a backup, but my harddrive broke.  I mean it was literally broken–the part that you plug the cord into had fallen off and was rattling around inside the box.  Not cool.  Luckily, I contacted some computer geeks online who had me run programs and logs, then read the logs, and told me they discovered that the malware was in my router.  My router!  I know, craziness.  Don’t believe this could happen?  Read this.  So my computer is running fine now, and I bought another external harddrive (640GB)

Extended Weekend in San Antonio

During Independence Day weekend, I flew to San Antonio for 5 days.  I did quite a bit of shopping (mostly clothes for work) and spent a lot of time with my family.  My sister even stopped by to visit; I hadn’t seen her since March.  Her babies are getting very big (a 2.5 year-old and a 9 month-old).   My dad drove me around San Antonio so I could take pictures of the San Antonio area.  I was also able to catch up with a former colleague (another teacher) on my last day–we sat at Starbuck for 2.5 hours just talking away.  🙂  She’s so sweet–she got me a new cover for my kindle.  😀

Interstate view of “Green” part of SA

Looking at Downtown SA from I-10

View from Loop410

Cat Trouble

I have been watching my cat pack on the pounds in GA.  Food is being left out for him all day.  My cat is delighted with the concept and has gorged himself on the always present food.  As a result of this (in my opinion), not only has he gained at least 4 pounds, he has also had bad diarrhea.  Let me add that my cat is not getting along with the older cat.  They seem to have started a peeing/pooping contest on a rocking chair.  *sigh*  Well it seemed to have abated before I left to visit San Antonio…but I was wrong.  A few days after arriving into San Antonio, I was informed that my cat had pooped on another piece of furniture.  Now I am back, and he has done it again–bad diarrhea poo I might add.  I am not sure what is going on with this cat.  His behavior is unacceptable.

Korea News

Well, I had to take the plunge and resign from my job in San Antonio, without a contract in-hand.  I was contacted by my recruiter today who has received word from Korea that the contracts have been mailed out.  Whether or not all contracts are sent out is unknown.  My recruiter will let me know when they receive my contract and send it out to me.  So–here’s to next week!


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