Summer Updates

Biking and the Gym

So far, I think I’m doing pretty well about going to the gym about 5 times a week.  Usually I get a ride there and then I swim for 30-40 minutes then sit in the sauna for about 15 minutes. So far, I’ve only managed to bike there twice (so once a week…Tuesdays) for Yoga class.  My legs are doing much better about the inclines.  My goal will be to stay on my bike the ENTIRE way there and back…as of right now I walk three times there and two times back.  Just listen to these hills:  On the way there…I go down a long steady hill, then up a massive hill with 3 distinct inclines.  At the top of this hill I turn and go down the hill and then go up a hill, then down a hill, and then up a very steep hill.  Then I turn and go down a hill, then up a hill (this hill is very long steady incline.)  Then I turn and go down a hill, up a hill, down a hill.  Then I turn and go up an incline and then the gym is at the top of a very steep hill. On a side note, I’ve gotten very tan from those two bike rides, so now I’m going to make sure I put on a lot of sunblock before I go.


I’ve done a little bit of studying for the GRE…mainly just vocabulary, which is not exactly what I need to focus on.  haha.  I did sign up to take the test.  So Thursday morning, July 29, at 8 am I’ll be sitting down for the GRE.  Entrance exam, here I come!   Then the real fun begins of scouting out Graduate Schools and applying.  *sigh*

Job News

Well, I have some good news.  I’ve heard back from Korea and they said my contract is on its way.  🙂   I’m trying not to get too excited until the contract is physically in my hands and my paperwork for the Visa is sent out.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack/what to buy to bring over there.  Some things will and some things won’t be available to buy once I’m in Korea.  I’m definitely doing my best not to over-pack.

San Antonio

I will be going to San Antonio for the 4th of July weekend.  There are couple things I need to buy, sell, and take care of while I’m there.  I have a feeling those 5 days are going to fly by very quickly.


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