Getting Ready for Summer

First week of June

The last week of school was definitely hectic and flew by quickly.  My students were either “watching” movies or taking tests.  I say watching because I put movies on, but I think only about half the class actually watched them.  Most students enjoy talking to each other and/or texting.  I’m not 100% sure what they were doing, actually, I really didn’t watch them.   I glanced up occasionally…most of my students are good though.  I had to make last minute phone calls, get my failure cards in order and do all those lovely closing duties: clean out room, signature from 8 different people, turn in my laptop, etc.

At home during this week, I attempted to clean out more of my belongings (as in donate and toss) and to also pack up.  I would say I was semi-productive.  Most of the time I didn’t feel like doing anything tedious, but I didn’t get much relaxing in either.

2nd Week of June

Saturday my mother arrived in San Antonio and the following week (this past week) went event faster than the last week of school.  Saturday is a blur.  Sunday we decided it would be a good day to drive back to Dallas and back to pick up her other cat because we realized she’d have to stay at the house longer than anticipated.  Monday I did some more packing.  Tuesday I had an eye appointment, my mom’s other cat went to the vet to get de-clawed (front paws only).  Wednesday, I finished boxing everything up.  Thursday, I went to dentist and my parents loaded up most of my stuff into the moving truck.  I also had to deal with the headache of the movers for being 2.5 hours late to pick the trailer back up.  Friday, I arrived at the airport with a stressed out kitty, waited for 3 hours, flew for 2 hours, and landed in GA.

Thus begins the 3rd week of June

Friday, after arriving in Georgia, I decided to get my prescription filled for a new pair of glasses.  I found some lenses that I’m “okay” with–I hate glasses but I’m not fond of contact either.  I was pleased to learn that Georgia does not tax glasses–craziness!  So all in all I spent $227–even.   It’s a good investment considering that my current glasses are at least 2 if not over 3 years old. I also started to look for a gym.  I found a Gold’s Gym.   They just bought property for a pool but it will be under construction for the next 7 months–not gonna fly.

Today, Saturday, was a day of preparation for the summer.  I wanted a gym membership at a gym with a lap pool.  After calling several places (after the disappointment of driving to the Gold’s Gym), I found out that there’s apparently only one gym that fits this description in this little city I’m in.  I was fortunate that I look like a college student and paid a student membership of only $125 which is good for 3 months.

I then went to buy a bicycle from Wal-Mart…just under $80.  I bought this because my means of transportation to and from the gym is iffy.  At least with a bike, I don’t have to rely on others.  The bike ride will be about 5 miles each way.  Well anyway, I bought the bike, got outside, and realized it didn’t fit in the car.  SO I got to take my first bike ride in years.  The seat was harder than concrete…I think my butt is bruised.  I rode 3 miles, and as I was riding, I realized that there are a lot of hills in Georgia.  I ended up walking up a few hills because my legs still need to build up the endurance to be able to tackles those fairly steep inclines.

I think when I go to the gym, my workout will be based upon my means of transportation.  If I get a ride, I’ll swim laps and hit the sauna.  If I have to bike, I’ll lift weights and try to get into a yoga class.  Until I increase my stamina and leg strength, I don’t think I’ll want to bike 5 miles, swim, and bike another 5 miles.  We shall see…

To fill up my time here in GA, I don’t plan on working.  Instead, I’m going to go the gym (hopefully at least 5 times a week), read, and study for the GRE.  I haven’t studied for the GRE yet, but it’s only my 2nd day here and I have all summer.

I will keep you guys posted on what happens in regards to my future career and when I’ll head back to San Antonio to tie up loose ends.



  1. Chris · · Reply

    Sissy! You can’t bike uphill both ways and swim 10 miles in between?

    1. hopefully I will by the end of summer 🙂

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