Well, I promised an update about the interview.  Sooo…..I passed it!  This means I have to mail my paperwork to the recruiter in South Korea who will check over it and then send it to the government agency.  Basically, this company accepts more people than they have positions available.  This is because (a) the paperwork is tedious and people decide they don’t want to gather it all and (b) they want to have replacements/upgrades if/when people back out.  So, I need one more paper signed by my principal and then I will mail it all off on Tuesday.  Hopefully I will be in the lead and get offered a contract because I’ll be ahead of other people who are still collecting documents.  Finally, after waiting with Japan and South Korea, I finally have a break…an entry…and yet…they have both left me at a ‘maybe’ at this time…nothing is official without a contract.  *sigh*  I wish I could feel relieved, but I can’t–at least not yet.

I’ve been attempting to relax and not worry about school this Memorial Day Weekend.  My mom flew me up to Dallas to visit her.  I got to see the Dallas sky line and go the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  I LOVE these fairs.  Although this one was smaller than The Renaissance Festival (in Houston), it was a lot of fun.  It had great shows and good shops.  I bought a leather skirt to pair up with my leather tunic.  🙂   So, although my wallet is a little lighter, it was totally worth it.

Downtown Dallas

I cannot believe that the school year is at an end.  I mean, wow.  All this year I have complained and whined about the school year and anticipated and looked forward to the summer.  Now, it’s here.  There is only one full school day left (Tuesday), then there are two half days with students (technically a full day for me) and then Friday is a teacher work day to proof grades and clean out the classroom and get things all in order and turned in for the summer.  It’s crazy that it’s finally here.  I am excited to get away from the school; I have little to no regrets about this school year; I’m nervous about where I’m going to be in a few months and… EEEK–tying up loose ends here.

The following week after school gets out, I have so many things to do: doctors appointments, dentist appointments, eye examinations, a stop at the vet, a resignation(?)…I don’t think it can all be done in in so short a time.  I have about 3 days to do all this because I have to move to Georgia for the summer. Thursday will be the day to load up the truck and Friday morning I board the airplane with a psychotic kitty.  🙂


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