More Waiting

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog.  I’ve just been teaching and waiting for the school year to finish.  I also had a 5-day weekend trip to Georgia.  So here are some updates on my interviews.

As I have stated before, I’m on the wait list for Japan.  I am still waiting; only one person has been upgraded thus far in the district (so to speak) where I interviewed.  Needless to say, I see my chance of getting there getting slimmer.

When I was on that mini-vacation in Georgia, I got an e-mail (on Friday) saying how few positions are left available in South Korea and how many applications have been received (we’re talking like 1 opening for every 1000 applications).  So after feeling a little bummed out for a while, I started to look into other options.  Well by Tuesday, I was notified that I’m going to have a phone interview with South Korea…it’s in 3 days.  So here goes nothing!

Only 9 school days left and then one closing day and then summer break!  Yay!  When I find out how the interview goes, I’ll make my next post!  (Should be within a week or so.)


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