Fiesta and an Application


I have not been to any Fiesta event since High School.  Last Thursday (the 22nd) I went to NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio).  The last and only time I ever went was when I worked in a booth selling snow cones in 2000.  The idea behind this is that there are different areas sectioned off to show the diverse groups that came to San Antonio (Mexico, France, Germany, China, Ireland, and of course “Texan” i.e. cowboy).  I guess I was looking for more souvenir type things, but it was all food and beer.    Friday morning I went to the parade.  After 4 hours of sitting in the hot sun, I left a bit early…and apparently before my school even began their march!  Craziness, but I left with a tan, a slight sunburn, and some interesting pictures.

Application for South Korea

The paperwork is on it’s way!  I had to wait for two letters of recommendation.  I was hand-delivered one last week on Thursday and I just picked up the other one after school.  I e-mailed all the paperwork for my application (the 12 page application with essay, the 2 letters of recommendation, and a scan of my passport-sized photo).  Supposedly I’ll hear about an interview in the next couple weeks.  *Fingers crossed.*

At this point, I just want to get a job secured overseas.  If JET pulls through, awesome.  I spoke to a teacher who was born and raised in Japan; it kind of renewed my hope for Japan.  But if JET doesn’t come through, hopefully I get this opportunity in South Korea.  Either way, I’m looking forward to international experience.


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