Paperwork to Work in Japan/South Korea

Alright, so this has been a hectic week–since my last post anyway.


I decided to accept my status as an applicant.  I had to fill out a lot of paperwork: their acceptance form, a residency form from the IRS, and a request for FBI records.  To get the FBI records, I had to go downtown to the police station to get fingerprinted ($10) and go to the bank to get a money order ($20).  It was kind of a hassle to get all that stuff together and ready, but at least I have that done.  I also had to stop by and get ANOTHER passport sized/quality picture to send in, so I went and got my picture taken–for the 3rd time ($8).  If I get upgraded, then I’ll have to go to my doctor and pay for a physical exam–chest x-ray, urine test, and vision test (with and without glasses).   So I have that to possibly look forward to.  So I hope all this was worth it.

South Korea

I decided to go through a recruiter to apply to their public schools instead of directly through the South Korean government.  Why?  I think that the recruiter provides more helpful information on how to obtain a VISA and gather all the application and everything else.  The recruiting agency also has multiple ways to apply to places in Korea; not just one agency.  So I had to apply to the recruiter on their website; upload my resume and cover letter.  Then, I had to have a phone interview with them.  The interview was on Wednesday.  They asked if I had 20-30 minutes available (which I did) but it only lasted 10 minutes.  At the end of the interview, they let me know that I had been accepted for recruitment.

I’ve already started to get paperwork ready to apply/request a VISA.  *sigh*  I needed 4 passport sized/quality pictures so went and got those ($16).   I need a state background check for them; I go Monday to get fingerprinted which will be sent to Austin for my records ($25).  I also needed to get 3 transcripts and an original copy of my degree.  So I filled out the forms and went to UTSA and requested my degree ($15).  When I was at UTSA, I figured I’d get my name changed back to my maiden name so that way I could make sure my degree and transcripts reflect it.  I also e-mailed my reference people, and hopefully they give me a letter soon.  They both agreed.  (I’m really going to have to give them something for writing their 3rd letter of recommendation for me.)

As soon as I get their recommendation letters, and I write my little 500 word essay, I’ll be good to apply.  My plan is to have my application e-mailed by the end of next week…early the following week at the latest.  I started to fill out the 12 page application form (minus the essay).  I wanted a more southern area so I could have warmer weather, but they’re much more touristy/urban areas.  I didn’t want to go too far north, not only because of weather, but also because of the infamous North Korea.  I also really want a rural area because I’ll have a better opportunity to fully immerse myself in the culture.  Therefore, my top choice for province placement is Gyeonbuk– it’s a rural province and not too close to North Korea.

My Mini-Vacation

After all the headache of getting everything prepared and spending money, I am happy to finally take a 4-day weekend.  I’m currently in Georgia.  It’s been very relaxing; I’ve taken a lot of naps.  I also saw Alice in Wonderland today; it was pretty good but not a movie I’d watch repeatedly.  I thought it was a little on the long side, but it was well done.  We’re going to have a barbeque tomorrow and I leave Sunday night.  I’m just glad to take a break from teaching; only 7 weeks left and 2 of those are testing.  Woot!


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  1. Marvin Latskoson · · Reply

    I’m very happy for you. I’m glad that everything is working out the way you wanted. Miss you lots Jacky

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