Results and More Thoughts

So….the official results are out…and I am officially a “maybe.”  The term they use is “alternate,” but it amounts to the same thing.  Basically, if someone decides they don’t want to go to Japan, then I have a chance of being their replacement.  This could happen anytime between now and December or it could not happen at all.  All in all, I’m not happy with the result, but that’s okay.

After talking to a friend in my future career field and a person from a Graduate Admissions program from one of the schools I’m interested in, I have decided that I will not give up my fight to get overseas.  Therefore, I am on my way to applying for an assistant teaching position in South Korea.  So basically, whoever offers me a job first (South Korea or Japan) is the job I will take.  I would, of course, rather move to Japan because I would make more money.  However, South Korea is a cheaper place to live and it is cheaper to travel from and around Asia.

Although I do not have a job lined up for overseas, I guess I still feel confident that it will happen–one way or another.  In fact, if I don’t get a job, I may take an extended vacation somewhere or everywhere in Asia for a couple of months.  I could probably get my friend to tag along who has places to stay in Laos and Thailand.  🙂

In the meantime, I have some serious packing and cleaning out to do.  I’m tired of hanging onto junk and lugging it around with me everywhere I move to, or making it a burden on someone else.  I’m going to tackle the cleaning and organizing of my current place of residence this weekend.  Hopefully I finish and feel less stressed in the end.


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  1. David Moore · · Reply

    South Korea would probably be better for an American worker anyways. Koreans are more accepting of westerners than Japanese.

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