Nervous Thoughts

I will know how I did on my interview in roughly two weeks.  As I attempt to wait patiently, I can feel tension build.  It’s not a matter of being excited about going; it’s a matter of planning either way.

If I get accepted:

Then I’ll be super excited–of course.  It also means that I have to go through my stuff: get rid of more things, box up things that I don’t think I’ll need for a year, etc.  I will also have to make sure I study and take my GRE by June/July. Actually, perhaps knowing that I’m going to Japan will be less stressful…I think.

If I don’t get accepted:

What in the world would I do?  Well I have a couple plans, but I’m obviously not committed to any because I’m still waiting on my preferred choice.  I think this is what’s eating me: I can’t decide what I would do.  I do have a few back-up plans, and maybe I should just stop thinking about them completely.  Probably the pre-planning of a possibility that won’t happen is a waste of my brain activity.  Yet, I do have other options.  Option 1 would be to stay with my dad in San Antonio, who would hopefully support me for a while and I would go to UTSA, improve my French and possibly substitute teach.  Option 2 would be to look into teaching elsewhere abroad: i.e. South Korea. Option 3: Suffer through another year of teaching but save a whole lot of money.

I guess it’s just the idea of not knowing that’s driving me crazy.  At least it’s only 2 more weeks.


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