JET Interview and State Tournament

Monday was my interview with JET.  It was a very long day; I had to travel 3 hours each way and left 3 hours early.  In other words, I left at 9am, my interview was scheduled for 345-400, and we got back at about 730.  I was fortunate that my dad drove with me and drove more than half of the drive.  Talking to him also made time pass by a lot quicker than if I had been alone.  The trip itself was pretty uneventful, we told some stories and ate a lot of junk food from the gas stations.

The 30 minutes before the interview itself were the most nerve-wracking.  I hate the anticipation and the wait.  After all this, interview ultimately decides my fate for the next ‘school’ year.  I think the interview went well…as well as any other interview that I’ve done.  I just hope I’m what they’re looking for.  I tried to to be amusing yet attentive.  I felt bad because I know that on one of my answers, one of the panel members didn’t understand, so I had to repeat myself.  Other than one other questions, where I had to pause and think and come up with a quasi-lame answer, I think it went okay.  I won’t know if I’m accepted for another 5 weeks.  *sigh*

The rest of the week after school was devoted to wrestling, and doing what I could for my freshman going to state.  I am proud of her just for making it there, and our biggest goal was for her just to win enough matches to make it to day 2.  Well Friday morning, I woke up around 545 and drove to the school to meet up with the girls’ team…the boys left Thursday after school.  Myself, the other girls coach, and our wrestler drove up at 7am to Austin; about an hour and a half drive.

When we arrived, we got in line to sign in and pick up our tickets.  Apparently, there wasn’t a sign in sheet and they made us pay $15 per ticket!  When we went inside, we found the head coach, who had our “real tickets”–a green temporary tattoo.  So we had to go back outside–I cut in line, to get our refund.  What a hassle!

Hand Temporary Tatoo

TX State Wrestling: Coaches Pass= Temporary Tattoo

With only 3 wrestlers competing in the state tournament, the time passed by slowly; I graded almost all of my papers. As for their matches, none of our wrestlers made it to day 2.  Unfortunately, our best wrestler (our 215 boy) lost both of his matches first.  My girl (138) lost both of her matches as well; the second match was hard on her.  Our third boy (187)  lost his first match; he was unfortunately paired up with the defending state champion.  He was lucky on his second match; he got a forfeit because that boy didn’t make weight.  His 3rd match…let’s say that it didn’t make anyone happy except for the other boy who won.  Our boy was winning, was taking more shots (they spent all 3 rounds in neutral after a take-down and escape), but got called 2 times for stalling…which left the other as the winner.  RIDICULOUS!!!  A referee isn’t supposed to make calls that change the outcome of the match.  If nothing else, the ref should have called the other boy for stalling because the only moves that one did was head-snap and far fewer times than ours taking shots.  It was just completely frustrating to see this ref do it–especially at a state tournament.
My girl went home after her second loss with her parents and her grandmother who flew all the way here just to see her wrestle.  The third boy’s last match was at 730 (approximately).  Afterward, we went to go eat at Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse.  It was nice to sit around with everyone (4 coaches and the 2 boy wrestlers) and eat some good food.  I rode back to San Antonio/the school with the other girl coach and got home around 1130 pm.  It was a long day but enjoyable overall.  This was the first year I think any of them made it to state, and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.
On a side note, we had a hotel room purchased for us.  Myself and the other coach visited our room during the break before the last wrestler’s match to use a non-public restroom.  I took a moment to take a picture of the random animal–I can’t tell what it is–that they made for us out of towels and left on the beds that did not get slept in.


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