Wrestling, JET Program, and the GRE

Being the Girls’ Wrestling Coach is one thing that has made my time teaching worthwhile.  Granted, it’s volunteer only, but I love the sport of wrestling.  This past weekend was the Regional Tournament and one of my girls made it to state!  This is her first year wrestling, and I am extraordinarily impressed and proud.  When I do leave this school, which may or may not be this summer, leaving wrestling will be one of the few things that I will deeply miss.

In regards to the upcoming school year, I’m waiting for my break with the JET program to teach in Japan (so come July/August).  My interview is next Monday, but I haven’t received confirmation of the location for the interview yet.  The more it approaches, the more confident I am that my interview will go well.  I hope they accept me.

I have begun to look more in depth at graduate schools, and I’m feeling motivated and excited for Fall 2011.  There are two schools in particular that I would really like to attend in Washington D.C.  Because this will be for a Master’s Degree, I have to submit GRE scores.  I will devote time to study and prepare for the GRE, which I plan to take this summer, as soon as I walk away from that interview on Feb. 22.  That way, I will have at least taken it before I go to Japan (if I go).  If I happen to stay in the United States, I would probably retake the GRE to try and improve my score.


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