Interview Notice

Talk about excitement!  I have been notified that I will have an interview for the JET program.  I feel like this might really open the doors.  I hope to make a great impression and get into the program.  Call me ambitious and cocky, but I think I’ll get in.  🙂   At least I hope so.  The interview won’t occur until the end of February, and the results of the interview aren’t announced until May.  So it’s a lot of suspense and waiting until then.  But I’m very glad to get my foot through the door–that means I passed the paperwork stage.

In the meantime, I’m attempting to teach myself Japanese.  I feel very comfortable with the Hiragana alphabet, and I’m getting a hold of the Katakana alphabet.  So now that I’ve learned the sounds, I’m about to teach myself some grammar and basic conversation.  I’ve learned some of it with audio CDs, so now I’m going to work on actually reading/writing.


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