Entry One

Currently, I am a public high school teacher in Texas. Even though I have only been teaching for about three years, I have come to the realization that it is something that I cannot see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I still do not know what exactly I want to do with my life, but I know it is not this! I have an urge to move abroad, but the only ‘work skills’ I really have are teaching and retail. Teaching, of course is more marketable, but I’m not exactly sure if I even WANT to continue teaching or if it is just the Texas public education system that I do not like.

Texas: My home for the last 14 years

There is only one way to figure out where my discontent comes from: I have to get out of Texas. At this very moment, I have an application in process for the JET program. The JET program offers native English speakers the opportunity to work within Japanese public elementary schools’ English classrooms as a teaching assistant to a Japanese teacher. So, while I would still be within a public education setting, the dynamics will be completely different.  I may or may not get accepted, but it can not hurt to try.  If I get accepted, then fantastic!  My life would certainly change course and I would face new excitements (and stresses).  If I do not get accepted, then I will have to drag myself through yet another year of teaching at my current school.

No matter what happens, I will apply for graduate school for Fall of 2011.  In order to apply, I have to study for the GRE, get references lined up, and research potential schools to submit my application. Of course, I still have to teach, grade, and come up with “engaging lessons” to get through the daily grind. And boy does it feel like a grind these days…


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  1. Good start and good luck!

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